About Me

Donna Bateman –
Owner of A Slice of Heaven Custom Cakes 

Hello – I was the owner of A Slice of Heaven Custom Cakes (http://www.asliceofheavencustomcakes.com/) and I was often asked “How did you make that cake?”!  This site is being created to answer that question.  I will post pictures and step by step instructions on how I create many of the cakes and decorations that were on my website.  Whether you are a home baker or a professional baker, my instructions and techniques will help you.  If you want to be kept up to date and see all of my posts then subscribe to my email list and you’ll receive an email every time I update this site.  If you have specific questions, let me know and I’ll see if I can help you create your dream cake or decoration.

I have a lifetime of experience making cakes.  My grandmother was a professional baker and I spent many hours in my grandmother’s kitchen making cakes and pastries.  Over the years, my neighbors, coworkers and family looked forward to Christmas because I would bake large amounts of various homemade goodies and would pass them out each year.  I have attended many cake decorating classes and am constantly working to improve my skills.  I found that my love for baking and cake decorating was a natural extension to my artistic and creative talents and my hobby grew from family and friend requests into a business and A Slice of Heaven Custom Cakes was born.  While the doors have since closed to the business side, the blog has not.  I still enjoy the teaching portion of cake making and believe that if I can make great cakes then you can too.

If you have a question that you would like answered on this blog, contact me and I will post an answer as soon as I can.  If you need an immediate answer, let me know that also and I’ll email you directly and will repost here at a later time.