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Businesses with products catering to baking enthusiasts (beginners to professionals) can place their brands in front of more than 28,000 readers monthly  My readers share a deep passion for cake baking and decorating, including small business start ups and online internet business.  Here are some key statistics regarding my website:

– 2,600+ total unique visitors per month & growing!
– 28,000+ page views a month with an average time of 5 minutes per visitor

Pricing Packages
Advertising prices are in monthly packages (1, 3 and 6 months) and intent to renew must be made within 7 days of expiration to avoid space being leased others.  Banners will be placed in sidebars and will be rotated monthly.  You will need to provide the banner (JPEG format) and banner can be changed at any time.

200 x 200 banner pricing – Space Available
1 month   = $85
3 months = $235
6 months = $450

728 x 90 banner pricing – Space Available
1 month   = $155
3 months = $395
6 months = $785

This blog is intended to aid everyone with a love for baking and cake decorating.  To insure this site meets my standards, I have the right to approve or refuse all advertising before prior to posting.

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