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5 Best Baseball Cake Designs

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Do you know how many people around the world don’t enjoy a well made cake delivered on just the right occasion? Zero. A cake is a great way to celebrate an event or anniversary such as a Father’s day or a birthday. In our case, considering your interest in a baseball design, it might be the start of a series of important matches of your favorite team. It could be the start of a new training season, or even a plain desire to fix on a baseball playing loved one of yours a big, happy grin for whatever reason. No matter the “why”, the “how” is at least as – if not more – important in fulfilling your goal.  This article is going to give you five ideas on how to design your cake for massive success.

5 Cake Design Theme Ideas

If you’re yet unsure of how your final cake is going to look, you might want to consider the following theme ideas to draw inspiration. Naturally, you will of course customize them to fit your particular case as they are rather broad.

  • Scoreboard: Give your cake a scoreboard theme. You could go old school, making it an old-fashioned style board or modern and digital like.
  • Baseball Bat: Nothing says baseball loud enough as a baseball bat. If nothing else, there will be no mistaking on what your cake is about. Highly recommended.
  • Baseball Field: This one might be a tad bit tricky, but it’s a high effort, high result case. Should it be done right, it’s going to look quite remarkable.
  • Baseball: One of the most obvious choices and yet one that’s guaranteed to get the job done. Shaping your cake like a baseball screams love of the sport, and if the cake tastes right everyone is going to have a good time.
  • Baseball Uniform: Maybe you support a particular team or player. Maybe a loved one is a player. In any case, giving your cake the T-shirt shape is rather easy and bound to please.

If you enjoy cooking and like getting creative, the above themes should give you plenty food for thought for creating your ideal cake.  If not, follow along as we go onwards to specific baseball cake examples.

5 Cake Designs

Welcome Home Cake Design

As you can see on the picture, the creator did an amazing job. Let’s hear it right from the horse’s mouth: The mitt and ball are made from fondant covered rice crispy treats. Every piece of stitching on the baseball is a piece of rolled fondant, as is the brim of the hat. The rest of the hat is made of chocolate and vanilla, filled with butter-cream then covered in fondant. It definitely took a lot of effort, but we believe it was totally worth it.

Baseball Glove Cake design

Another excellent baseball cake design. The ball is made of sour cream with vanilla BC icing and fondant, whereas the glove of triple chocolate with a fudgy icing and ganache filling and a marshmallow fondant cover.

Baseball Field Cake Design

The cake is vanilla butter with a vanilla pudding filling. It’s covered in fondant and the field is airbrushed. All elements, the baseball, the bat, the glove stars, the scoreboard and the flags are made out of gum paste. Long wooden skewer sticks were used for the flags and the sign. Quite original.

Ball shaped cake

This one comes with a set of detailed instructions. Be sure to follow them faithfully, and you are guaranteed to score big time. Covered and decorated in butter cream icing, this cake is going to make everyone go “YUMMY” and ask for more.

Baseball mitt cake

You’re going to need 1 cup of cold milk, 1 pkg of chocolate flavor instant pudding, 1 tub of whipped topping,  ¼ cup chocolate sprinkles, 1 piece of chocolate string licorice and 1 tablespoon of red, decorating gel. Follow the instructions of the recipe faithfully and you’ll end up with an extraordinarily tasty cake, as delicious as it is cute.

Homemade or bought?

A really important question you should ask of yourself is whether you feel ready to commit to creating your own cake. Decorating a cake appropriately to resemble one of the aforementioned cake designs or something similar takes quite the expertise with the kitchen, a requirement that might currently be off your limits. On the flip side however, there is the accomplishment feeling inherently associated with creating something yourself. Moreover, your guests will likely appreciate your homemade cake more than a store bought cake. If you decide to go homemade, you might want to invest in some kind of cake designing and decoration software to really up your game. Two quality programs we would recommend are the following: Kopykake Desktop Decorator, and TieredCaker.

We would personally suggest you at least try to make it yourself. The closer to you your guests are, the more likely they are to give more emphasis on your effort rather than the final shape and the little details of your creation. On the contrary, if you’re interesting in bringing a baseball themed cake to a more formal event, you might want to consider sticking to a store bought cake, made by a professional, to have your back covered.


We have done it all. We have given you ideas to ignite your creative spark and bring out your inner cook. We have given you specific cake examples to emulate, if improvisation is not your strongest point. And finally, we have addressed the biggest question you should ask yourself – whether you’ll be the one making the cake, or whether you’ll pay a professional to do it for you. You have the tools to give shape to an amazing cake and make your event a very memorable experience for all your guests and loved ones. The end choice, as always, is yours. We wish you best.