Best Rummy Bears Recipes

Best Rummy Bears Recipes

Why make rummy bears?

It is fun. It is different. And it can potentially induce some heavy tipsiness and create some memorable stories. Combining alcohol with gummy bears is basically like adding peanut butter to toast – in other words, adding two yummy things together to produce a result greater than the sum of its separate parts. Whether you’re planning a party or you’d like to enjoy them by yourself, rummy bears are a perfect way to give things a little twist and do something different. It should be stressed out that those little devils do tend to punch above their weight, and should you plan to introduce them to young adults with a lack of moderation you might want to reconsider it, as things are likely to get out of hand. Sugar tends to magnify the effects of alcohol, and since they are innocent looking enough, kids might and up popping a significant amount of them before knowing what hit them.

Finding the perfect ingredients

The biggest part of making your rummy bears a big success is getting the right combination of high-quality ingredients for your recipe. Since it’s been decided that the alcoholic beverage we are going to use is rum, this is our first choice. But not all kinds of rum were made equal. If you’re interested in giving your rummy bears a distinct, candy-like taste there is no better option for you than going for the Calypso brand. Should you desire to make them hard-hitting and strong, basically the equivalent of alcohol shots, in order to surprise your guests you should heavily consider investing in the John Crow Batty rum, a beverage having alcohol levels of 80%. A final choice, which is only for those who are not faint of heart, would be the Spiritus rum brand. This multi-award winning blend of 15 choice aged rums is definitely going to make those rummy bears insane.

Next you should consider what type of gummy bears you are going to use to make your magic. Perhaps the strictly best choice would be the classic Haribo Gold-Bears. They are both delicious and fat and sodium free – a great way to lessen guilt for those who are self-conscious about their bodies. Moreover, they have a wide variety of flavors in every bag, so after you sink them in rum, you’ll definitely end up with something right for everyone’s taste buds. A second interesting gummy bear choice you might want to consider is the Milk Chocolate Gummy Bears. Mouthwatering chocolate taste covering a tasty gummy surprise. What is not to like?

Perfect preparation for the perfect cake

So you have got the perfect ingredients and you are ready to start making your regular gummy bears into drunky, rummy bears. Here is how you should proceed:

  • First of all you should empty the whole bag of Gummy Bears into some kind of bowl or jar.
  • Step two is picking the rum and pouring it over your Gummy Bears, just enough to completely immerse and cover them inside, with a tiny bit liquid peeking out on top.
  • The final part of the process is how the bears have drawn the rum inside them, to get its taste and properties. You should leave them sitting inside your bowl for at least a few hours, with six to eight hours being the sweet spot. Alternatively, if you have plenty of time to prepare your Rummy Bears you can – and should – let them for as much as four days.
  • You should check out on them at regular intervals. You want to keep them pleasantly squishy, not completely liquefied. Therefore, add or subtract rum as necessary. Be careful not to add too much alcohol, as that would likely turn them into a mess of bear ooze.
  • Retrieve them from the bowl that you initially put them with a slotted spoon. That way, you ensure that you can save any leftover rum and possibly use it in for gummy-infused drinks.
  • Serve them in tiny shot glasses like you would serve regular, normal shots. Your friends will be pleasantly surprised. Alternatively, serve them on a flat dish or surface. If some of them have gotten stuck together, wedge your spoon in between them and they’ll pop apart. Provide your guests appetizer forks to stab them.

Don’t forget to make enough

Another thing you should consider beforehand is how many people you’re planning to give your Rummy Bears to. As these are both attractive in shape, original in idea and delicious in taste you might want to act wise and make a few portions more than what you originally planned.  You don’t want to let some of your guests miss out on the fun now, do you?

A word of caution

Keep note that despite Rummy Bears being fun and tasty they still do contain alcohol. Depending on what kind of beverage you used, they might even end up being very strong. If you’re interested in learning how much alcohol they absorbed, here’s a simple, neat trick you might want to try. First, weigh them when they are yet to be soaked in rum. Weigh them again after they’ve absorbed the alcohol. The weight difference should be a rough estimate of how much they absorbed.

In any case, be assured that these do have a kick. Their alcohol content is magnified by the sugar inside the gummy bear, and if someone is young or inexperienced with drinks they might quickly start feeling funny. As innocuous looking as these funny, little treats may be, do not underestimate them. They are not quite a regular shot’s worth each, but they will do their job well enough in large quantities.


As you just saw, rummy bears are really easy to make. It’s a very simple process and yet the end result is highly satisfying and enjoyable. Basically, with little effort you’ll get your guests quite pleased, offering them a very memorable evening. Just make sure not to overindulge in them, and you’re in for a great experience.