How To Make Fondant Horseshoes

How To Make Fondant Horseshoes

If you’re making a western cake then you’ll want to put some horseshoes on it, right?  Well, here’s an easy way to make some horseshoes:

What you will need
Chocolate fondant
Silicone rolling pin
Circle cutters (various sizes) OR
Alphabet cutters – the letter “C”

1.  Determine the size of the horseshoes you’ll need for your cake.  Roll out the chocolate fondant to about 1/4″ thickness.

2.  Using the large circle cutter, make your circles.  Once the large circles are done, use the small circle cutter to take the center out.
3.  Using a butter knife, cut off one side of the circle.  You can now reshape the horseshoe.  Don’t move them too much though or you will have to make a lot of repairs also.
4.  Using the end of a pastry tip (or the end of a skewer) make 8 marks in the horseshoe to represent the “nails”.

5.  You can also use a large letter “C” to make the horseshoe.