Superbowl Dessert Ideas

Superbowl Dessert Ideas

With the Superbowl just a few days away, let’s look at some ideas I found out there for your Superbowl party:

1.  Keep your decorations simple.  Use black and white striped cupcake liners (I found them at Michael’s) and a plastic whistle.  Put a good size dollop of buttercream on top of the cupcake and your done!

2.  Make a tootsie roll football with a little grass.  First unwrap all of the Tootsie Rolls… and microwave all of them on HIGH for 5 seconds. (This makes them more pliable and easier to roll out)

Next, roll out the tootsie rolls with a rolling pin. Use an exacto knife to cut into the tootsie rolls, to make a football shape. If any of the tootsie rolls become to hard to roll out, simply reheat for a few seconds in the microwave.

Pipe white buttercream using a #2 TIP, first make the line down the center of the football, and them make 3 laces across the top of the center line.


Next, pipe a large dollop of white buttercream and tint part of the buttercream green for the grass!

3.  Add some flair with helmets!  Yes, you can probably go to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any party store and buy a some pre-made helmets but wouldn’t you rather make your own?  You still want to buy the sprinkles but you could make some also.  Just buy some fondant in any color you want.  This year the Patriots and the Giants are in the Superbowl so you could stick with blue and white since they are in both teams colors.  To make the sprinkles: roll out the fondant and using a pastry tip (sizes 4, 6, or 8 would be best) use the end of the tip to make your sprinkles.  Once cut, let them dry to a hard state (usually about an hour or just overnight) before you move them.  Sprinkles are done!! 

For the helmet, roll out the fondant in the color of your choice.  Using a circle cutter, cut out the circle and trim off a little on the bottom (see picture below).  Use your tip from the sprinkles to make the ear hole.  Let these sit for several hours to harden before putting them on the cupcakes.

I hope these ideas are simple and easy for you.  Enjoy the Superbowl!

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